How To Enhance Command Over English Language Written Expression Skills.

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How To Enhance Command Over English Language Written Expression Skills.

Post by Tasawar Bosal » Fri Sep 21, 2018 11:48 pm

English Language plays a highly significant role in our academic as well as daily life. Be that some student preparing for a competitive exam of the stature of CSS, or going through one’s preparation for other academic activities , always confronts with the issue of improving and enhancing one’s English Language writing skills in order to perform better. That’s why there prevails a curiosity among the students as how to improve one's command over English Language. As I went through the same scenario, here I am going to share my observation and experience regarding bringing improvement in one’s English Language expression and communication skills. The post is more relevant to CSS/PMS and other competitive exams’ Aspirants.

To start with, the maxim “Practice brings perfection “does not prove more true to anything else, than to developing a sound and impressive language expression skills. Practice and only the practice is the panacea. Now the question arises that what to practice and from where to practice? The answer is that one needs to read standard and impressive English language which one may keep in consideration while having the practice. And for the Standard English Language expression we have in the form of Dawn Newspaper an impressive specimen for us. Almost all the aspirants necessarily need to read this newspaper, often termed as the bible of the CSS. However, simply reading a newspaper brings about little improvement both in knowledge as well as in improving language and enriching expression. Therefore, it is highly recommended that after having read the newspaper one needs to have writing practice and make use of that vocabulary and those expressions which one has read in newspapers. Only in this way one can make those words and expressions, one’s own and that too for ever. Otherwise, the words read and expressions liked, would get lost in oblivion and investment of time and energy in reading Dawn would prove to be a futile effort.

Besides rewriting the things from the newspaper, expansion of phrases or writing anything else i.e about anything from daily routine is also a good exercise. So, either rewrite the things from the newspaper or write something else for improving your language, the important thing is that something needs to be written and that too on daily basis. But I would again reiterate that if you write informative and important things from the newspapers, not only your language expression would be enriched but also you would have consolidated what you have read. And in this way you also can keep the record of important events and information, in your own words.

Mark my words; mere reading the newspaper is far bigger investment of time and energy than the gains what one gets. Therefore, necessarily, make the writing practice as your habit and that too with consistency as it is destined to prove a panacea for developing a sound and impressive writing expression.

To conclude, yes it would demand investment of time and energy and yes it seems to be a time taking process , but here is no other short cut to improving the English language expression overnight. Without a good quantity of practice one is never able to develop an impressive and correct command over a language. Therefore, there is no way out except for doing writing practice. And rewriting the things from the newspaper provides a better exercise, where one can make use of the vocabulary and expressions which one had read in the newspaper. In this way, on one hand one's grip on language gets strengthened and on the other hand one also keeps on collecting notes of important events and happenings which proves instrumental in the preparation of Current Affairs as well as the the English Essay.

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