Help with headmistress test preparation

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Re: Help with headmistress test preparation

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Paper 1 MCQs
Q. 1 Education, according to John Dewey is:
(a) Preparation of life (b) Getting knowledge (c) Learning by doing (d) Critical thinking
Q. 2 Source from which aims of education gained is
(a) Parents (b) Teachers (c) Students (d) Society
Q. 3 Informal education belongs to:
(a) Flexible rules of entry and exit (b) Rigid rules of entry and exit
(c) No rules of entry and exit (d) Few rules of entry and exit
Q. 4 Masjid and Maktab scheme was launched in the education policy of;
(a) 1970 (b) 1972 (c) 1979 (d) 2009
Q. 5 Ontology is related to:
(a) Knowledge (b) Reality (c) Values (d) Culture
Q. 6 Life is continues changing process, beliefs of people related to:
(a) Parennialism (b) Essentialism (c) Progressivism (d) Re-instructionisim
Q. 7 The most sufficient point of Deoband movement was:
(a) English system of education (b) Focus on science
(c) Revival of religious spirit (d) Literature and art
Q. 8 Which one was the not purpose of Aligarh movement:
(a) To reduce hatred of British (b) To prepare Muslims for learn English
(c) To prepare Muslims for learn science (d) All of the above
Q. 9 Education conference 1947 was presided over by:
(a) Quaid-e-Azam (b) Liaqat Ali Khan (c) Fazal-ur-Rehman (d) Abdul Haq Nishter
Q. 10 Charter act was presented in:
(a) 1813 (b) 1854 (c) 1857 (d) 1877
Q. 11 Charles Wood dispatch came out in:
(a) 1800 (b) 1806 (c) 1857 (d) 1870
Q. 12 Child activity belongs to:
(a) Physical action (b) Mental action (c) Memorization action (d) Physical and mental
Q. 13 To use previous learned material in new situation is:
(a) Comprehension (b) Application (c) Knowledge (d) Analysis
Q. 14 The most direct experiences are divided from the following is that of:
(a) Motion pictures (b) Visual symbols (c) Discussion (d) Field trip
Q. 15 Which one of the best for a large group instruction:
(a) Lecture method (B) Demonstration method
(c) Question and answers method (d) Inquiry method
Q. 16 Lecture method is generally described as:
(a) Teacher centered (b) Child centered (c) Activity centered (d) text book centered
Q. 17 A teacher is firstly is answerable to:
(a) Community (b) Principle (c) Parents (d) Students
Q. 18 Effective teaching requires continues:
(a) Help by community (b) Planning the teaching
(c) monitoring the students (d) Suggestions by colleagues
Q. 19 Theory of moral development was presented by:
(a) Jean piaget (b) Erikson (c) Lawrence Kohlberg (d) Reasoning
Q. 20 Test that measure learning outcome of students:
(a) Aptitude test (b) Intelligence test (c) Achievement test (d) Diagnostic test
Q. 21 The collection of productive students work to evaluate its performance is:
(a) Portfolio (b) Project (c) Assignment (d) Workbook
Q. 22 Laissez Fair administration is based on:
(a) Dictatorship (b) Mutual sharing (c) None Interference (d) Democratic vales
Q. 23 Under the latest devolution policy, Education management is the responsibility of the level at:
(a) Federal (b) District (c) Divisional (d) Provincial
Q. 24 Private schools in Pakistan were nationalized through the educational policy of;
(a) 1959 (b) 1970 (c) 1972 (d) 1979
Q. 25 Which one is not the component of the curriculum:
(a) Objectives (b) Design (c) Contents (d) Evaluation
Q. 26 Board field curriculum is the modification of:
(a) Subject centered curriculum (b) Learner centered curriculum
(c) Activity centered curriculum (d) Hidden curriculum
Q. 27 Education policy 1979 puts emphasis first time on the:
(a) Elementary education (b) Secondary education
(c) Higher education (d) Special education
Q. 28 Which of the following learning DOES NOT fall in psycho meter domain:
(a) Hand writing (b) Ball throwing (c) Creating ideas (d)Sketching
Q. 29 Which of the Bloom’s Taxonomy requires recalling:
(a) Comprehension (b) Knowledge (c) Application (d) Evaluation
Q. 30 While developing a curriculum, your first step would most likely be:
(a) Selection of contents (b) Selection of objectives
(c) Organization of content (d) Selection of learning experiences
Q. 31 Budgeting represent estimation of:
(a) Income and investment (b) Investment and experiences
(c) Income and expenditure (d) Financial audit
Q. 32 In motivation process for school teacher, the appreciation by the higher management (DEO) a considered as:
(a) Extrinsic motivation (b) Intrinsic motivation (c) Institutional reward (d) Students inspiration
Q. 33 The authorized person in school for recording the staff performance is:
(a) Teacher (b) Clerk (c) Head teacher (d) Curriculum
Q. 34 All the activities conducted either inside the school, planned by the school to achieve the goals and objectives are termed as:
(a) Syllabus (b) Text books (c) Teacher diary (d) Curriculum
Q. 35 In education , the guidance has major function for improving quality:
(a) Evaluating (b) Testing (c) Learning (d) Teaching
Q. 36 Overall development in students is achieved through:
(a) Lecturing (b) Discussion (c) Demonstration (d) Projected method
Q. 37 An element for fear and anxiety is found in:
(a) Management (b) Supervision (c) Monitoring (d) Inspection
Q. 38 At present, developing school curriculum is responsibility of:
(a) Text Book Board (b) Board of secondary and intermediate education
(c) Provisional curriculum Bureau of Education (d) Curriculum wing, Ministry of education
Q. 39 Team teaching is a:
(a) Teaching strategy (b) Teaching technique (c) Teaching method (d) Teaching aid
Q. 40 A change agent with leadership qualities in one education setup is:
(a) Leader (b) Student (c) Teacher (d) Headmaster
Q. 41 Inspection affairs of education department with about the visit, its merits, demerits and views in:
(a) Accession register (b) Visitor’s Book (c) Log Book (d) Order Book
Q. 42 The founder of pragmatism is:
(a) Aristotle (b) John Dewey (c) Socrates (d) Ibn-e-Khaldum
Q. 43 The essentialists would get their aims of education from:
(a) The great books (b) Pupil Interest (c) Pressure group (d) Traditions
Q. 44 Impact of effective teaching can urgently be examined through:
(a) Students final result (b) Class discussion
(c) Annual examinations (d) Students weekly tests
Q. 45 The foundation of education which deals with the needs and interests of the students is:
(a) Socio-cultural (b) Philosophical (c) Psychological (d) Ideological
Q. 46 “An ounce of experience is better than a ton of theory ’’ are famous words of”
(a) John Dewey (b) Edger Dale (c) Colin mares (d) Aristotle
Q. 47 Punjab education commission design paper and assessment for:
(a) Grade I-V (b) Grade VI-VIII (c) Grade V-VIII (d) Grade IX-X
Q. 48 Which of the following is more specific:
(a) Aims (b) Goals (c) Objectives (d) Purposes
Q. 49 Teachers’ guide is produced by:
(a) Ministry of education (b) Bureau of curriculum (c) Text book board (d) School
Q. 50 Curriculum means:
(a) A run way (b) A course (c) A person run to reach a goal (d) Program
Q. 51 Confirmation of an employee is already on the job is made when he/she completes:
(a) Three years (b) Two years (c) One year (d) Six months
Q. 52 Discussion method is useful for :
(a) Secondary classes (b) Lower classes (c) Higher classes (d) Elementary classes
Q. 53 The authenticated sources of knowledge according to Islamic philosophy is:
(a) Observation (b) Experiment (c) Intuition (d) Revealed
Q. 54 First step for recruiting a teacher is:
(a) Selection (b) Identification of vacancy (c) Job description (d) Advertisement
Q. 55 Continues efforts designed to improve employees competency is;
(a) Development (b) Training (c) Improvement (d) Skillfulness
Q. 56 Aesthetics is the study of values in realm of:
(a) Cultural conduct (b) Beauty (c) Economic conduct (d) Morality
Q. 57 An authentic knowledge is gained through:
(a) Empirical experience (b) Authority (c) Intuition (d) Love
Q. 58 Psychology which describes the causes of mental illness or abnormal behavior is related with:
(a) Clinical (b) legal (c) Industrial (d) Political
Q. 59 The heart of administration is called:
(a) Decision making (b) Motivation (c) Authority (d) Staffing
Q. 60 School is social institution for the preservation and transmission of:
(a) Culture (b) Value (c) Religion (d) Norms
Q. 61 Learning works for:
(a) Curriculum in behavior (b) Teaching process
(c) Curriculum development (d) Demonstrating the teaching style
Q. 62 Students avre all development is emphasizes in a curriculum like:
(a) Subject centered (b) Leaner centered (c) Activity based (d) Integrated
Q. 63 It is sanctioned by the principals of institutions:
(a) Maternity leaves (b) Medical leaves (c) Earned leaves (d) Casual leaves
Q. 64 The best measure to avoid guessing in a structured response test is to use:
(a) True-False items (b) Completion items (c) Matching items (d) Multiple choice items
Q. 65 Traditionally supervision is characterized by:
(a) Inspection (b) Guidance (c) Controlling (d) Mentoring
Q. 66 Concept of education as viewed by Dewey is;
(a) Education as a product (b) Recapitulation
(c) Acquisition (d) Reconstruction of experience
Q. 67 Benevolent Fund has no concern with the Govt. Employees for grant of:
(a) Scholarship of employee’s children (b) Funeral changes of family
(c) Marriage of daughter (d) Purchase of car/motorcycle
Q. 68 Microteaching is a technique which is:
(a) Content oriented (b) Skill oriented (c) Assessment oriented (c) Discipline oriented
Q. 69 Elementary school covers the classes as:
(a) 1-8 (b) 1-5 (c) 6-8 (d) 6-10
Q. 70 Description of student’s behavior of a student as observed by the teacher can be seen in:
(a) Anecdotal record (b) Autobiography (c) Interview (d) Class test
Q. 71 Assessment that monitors learning progress during instruction is termed as:
(a) Placement (b) Formative (c) Diagnostic (d) Summative
Q. 72 The central purpose of every anecdotal record is to help the entire school staff to obtain better understanding of a given:
(a) Problem (b) Student (c) Fact (d) Question
Q. 73 Which is an individualizing and socializing process that does personal advancement as well as social living:
(a) Discussion (b) Growth (c) Emotional development (d) Education
Q. 74 It is the teacher who provides the kind of stimulation that will enable the child to became an active;
(a) Leader (b) Learner (c) Superior (d) Educator
Q. 75 Aptitude is a character or a quality which is one aspect of an individual’s whole:
(a) Life (b) Approach (c) Exercise (d) Personality
Q. 76 The central idea of anecdotal records is to release of the professional potential of:
(a) Evaluators (b) Administrators (c) Critics (d) Teachers
Q. 77 Effective supervision requires the release of the professional of:
Q. 78 The commission on students problems and welfare was setup by the Ministry of education, Govt. of Pakistan under a notification in December:
a) 1964
b) 1963
c) 1962
d) 1965
Q. 79 Which is more suitable in teaching of science
a) Lecture method
b) Demonstration method
c) Discussion method
d) Experiment method
Q. 80 In education, aims are:
a) National expectation
b) Institutional expectation
c) Provincial expectation
d) Lower level expectation
Q. 81 Maria Montessori was awarded the degree for doctor of:
a) Medicine
b) Education
c) Lecture
d) Science
Q. 82 The goal of teaching is to provide the students:
a) To give information
b) To give pupils in activities
c) To impart knowledge
d) To develop desire able change in behavior
Q. 83 Broader in meaning is:
a) Aims
b) Objectives
c) National objectives
d) Content objectives
Q. 84 The arithmetic average of score is called:
a) Mean
b) Median
c) Mode
d) Standard deviation
Q. 85 Education is imparted mostly by correspondence in:
a) Formal
b) In-formal education
c) Non-formal education
d) Technical education
Q. 86 The first Kindergarten was started by:
a) Friedrich
b) Benjamin Franklin
c) Johann Pestalozzi
d) Di Witt, Clinton
Q. 87 When Lord Macalulay’s report presented in subcontinent during British rule?
a) 1813
b) 1835
c) 1837
d) 1855
Q. 88 Who thinks education is a key of society:
a) Aristotle
b) John Dewey
c) Plato
d) None of these
Q. 89 The second world conference on Muslim education was held at Islamabad, Pakistan in:
a) 1960
b) 1940
c) 1980
d) 2000
Q. 90 Low literary rate badly influences society in:
a) Social development
b) Economic development
c) Political development
d) Overall development
Q. 91 In education point of view, Pakistan is:
a) Developed country
b) Advanced country
c) Poor country
d) Middle level country
Q. 92 Problem of a typical school is:
a) Economic condition
b) High dropout rate
c) Geo political groups
d) Truancy
Q. 93 Literacy rate in Pakistan is:
a) 51 %
b) 58 %
c) 60 %
d) 72 %
Q. 94 To make the contents permanent in the mind is called:
a) Learning
b) Teaching
c) Retention
d) Recognition
Q. 95 Components of curriculum start firstly from:
a) Measurement
b) AV aids
c) Objectives
d) Teaching activity
Q. 96 Curriculum planning is related to:
a) Variety of issue
b) Syllabus
c) Experiences of learners
d) Content
Q. 97 Psychological foundation of curriculum are related to:
a) Head Teacher
b) Teacher
c) Learners
d) Curriculum
Q. 98 Who declared curriculum is written program:
a) Aristotle
b) Plato
c) Smith
d) John Dewey
Q. 99 Who is founder of cognitive theory:
a) Jean Piaget
b) Bloom
c) Erikson
d) Huxley
Q. 100 Head of secondary school is bound to teach 6 classes in a week is written in:
a) Education code
b) Handbook of circulars
c) Civil service rules
d) Education policy

100 a
99 a
98 c
97 c
96 c
95 c
94 c
93 b
92 b
91 d
90 d
89 c
88 a
87 b
86 b
85 c
84 a
83 a
82 d
81 a
80 a
79 d
78 a
77 a
76 d
75 d
74 b
73 d
72 b
71 b
70 a
69 a
68 b
67 d
66 d
65 a
64 b
63 d
62 c
61 d
60 a
59 a
58 a
57 a
56 b
55 b
54 b
53 d
52 c
51 a
50 a
49 c
48 a
47 a
46 a
45 c
44 b
43 d
42 b
41 c
40 c
39 c
38 c
37 d
36 d
35 c
34 d
33 c
32 a
31 c
30 b
29 b
28 c
27 d
26 a
25 b
24 c
23 d
22 c
21 a
20 c
19 b
18 b
17 d
16 a
15 a
14 d
13 b
12 d
11 c
10 a
9 c
8 d
7 c
6 c
5 b
4 c
3 c
2 c
1 c
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Re: Help with headmistress test preparation

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Re: Help with headmistress test preparation

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Some mcqs are taken from Dogar book for sese and SSE, but answering is change, what I do,?how to know which answer is right?


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