Complete 100 mcqs paper of ASJ dated 13.11.2016

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Complete 100 mcqs paper of ASJ dated 13.11.2016

Post by imranrai » Mon Nov 14, 2016 9:59 pm

تو ہی بھروسہ، تو ہی سہارا
پرور دگارا، پرور دگارا

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Re: Complete 100 mcqs paper of ASJ dated 13.11.2016

Post by anoosh » Mon Nov 14, 2016 11:49 pm

what about merit ? cut of ?

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Re: Complete 100 mcqs paper of ASJ dated 13.11.2016

Post by riazwattu2233 » Thu Nov 17, 2016 4:28 pm

1 3 dec. is disabled person day
2. pm interm gov. non of these
3. first women police station. islamabad
4. he did not pay heed..... his brother advise. on
5. head quarter of ADB. manalia
6. heat received by earth from sun. solar rediation
7. max no of hafiz quran martyard. jang e yamama
8. LOC kishmire ceasefire. 1949
9. US adminstred ashton carter. us secratorary of defence.
10. business through internet. e-commerce
11. light travel speed mile per second. 186000
12. RSVP card invitation was written in. french
13. karachi neuclear power plant with help of. canada
14. gulam mohammad barrage is on. kotri hyderabad sind
15. a bag contain 9 kg sugar and 450 g each. ( 20)
16. constitution of all india muslim league heeded by. m. ali joher
17. 2. 4. 12. 48. 240....... (1440)
18. then a quickly finish
19. highest litracy rate among saarc. maldives
20. to act as my (councel)
21. gomal universty D. I. khan
22. internet banking (cyber banking)
23. let him free untill day of jugement. iblees
24. condileza rice. us secratory of state
25. menchester united. football club
26. first radio station. karachi
27. fifa champion. germony
28. has no headquarter. g-8
29. Afghanistan province near durand line. pakitapka
30. average age 13=26
31. rangit sing contemorary. guru nanak
32. won noble prize twice. nelson mandela
33. 600000 paid 570000. discont is 5%
34. first hafiz quran. hazrat usman
35. bravely. adjective
36. exemplify. illustrate
37. neelum vally. azad jumu kashmire
38. senate session. chairman
39. correct spelling. succeed
40. abul basher. hazart adam
41. tranfr jobs. democratic rular
42. sacrosanct. secred
43. first noble prize in sub continent. rabinder nath tagor
44. pedagogy. teaching
45. althogh he was a..... and new at game. novice
46. correct spelling. received
47. most abandant element on earth crust. oxygen
48. in bones and teeth of animals.. calciam phosphate
49. kareez system... baluchistan
50. ibi amin die in. soaudi arab
51. 18 toys cost 234. 35 toys cost. 546
52. shawwal is month. 10th
53. uncharged article is an atom. electoron
54. mirror of driving. concave
55. twitter is.. social network
56. beiging is a new name of. peking
57. ayatul kursi. sura baqra
58. greenwhich time. london
59. gandi jinnah talks to discus c.r formula.. raja gopal acharia
60. first muslim won noble prize. abul salam
61. acrophobia.. fear of hight
62. shakespare. as you like it
63. tale of two cities.. charlis dikens
64. islam was exectly declared religon of state.. constitute assembly
65. mohabbat khan mosque. pashawar
66. allama iqbal phd digree. munich univrrsty
67. 2/11 is 22 then 6/11=44
68. children orginization.. unicef
69. USB.. universal serial bus
70. state other than kashmisre dispute bw pak ind.. junagarh
71. 8 aprill 1950.. liaqat nehro pact
72. para olympic games.. physically handicapped
73. increase 20% then decrease 20%. not change
74. change passive voice.. the car had been sold by dealar
75. become farz on meraj event... namaz
76 i am sick by your lies
77. existance before world war 2. ILO
78. india attacked on pak.. 6. sep 1965
79. the manager.... receipt of my letter. accepted
80. predecessor of mountbatten.. lord waval
81. mother of yousaf... rachel
82. zakat ordinence.. 1980
83. owner of microsoft.. bill gates
84. largest pensuella. arabia
85. sentiago is capital of... chile
86. bhambhore is located in district.. thatta
87correct spelling.. victory
88- no of bones in adult body.. 206
89. 6+5x=30-x then x=.. 6
90. round table confrrrence held in.. london
91. alama iqbal farsi kalam... bal e jibrael
92. nasheb ka mutzad... fraz
93. marsia nigar poet... ameer anees
94. corecct zarb u misal... na 9 man teel ho ga na radha nache gi
95. urdu afsana gadria... ashfaq ahmed
96. islam zinda hota ha her kerbla k bad... m. ali johar
97. tanzo maza se bharpor kalam.... akbar ala abadi
98. moasherti pehlo paya jata ha... mazmon
99. as you sow then you reap... jesa bowo ge wesa kato ge.
100.. pehla masanvi nigar.. molana room

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