My Interview Experience of Assistant Director Civil Defense.

Members are request kindly share your experience of interview
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Re: My Interview Experience of Assistant Director Civil Defense.

Post by Tasawar Bosal » Wed Sep 16, 2015 4:38 pm

@ Naim Ensari
Yes Brother you can understand my feelings and I can understand those of you. It is indeed great blessing of Allah Almighty that eventually He has bestowed upon us, the success. Allah k Haa'n der hay Andher Nahi. And better late then never. During all this I didn't get disappoint nor I thought of retreat for even while. Qualified CSS once and PMS both the times. These half achievements kept giving fillip to my ambitions and I was certain that Inasha Allah by the Grace of Almighty and with the prayers of parents and family , I would at least fell in stars, if I could not reach the Moon of CSS or PMS . And Alhamdolillah , I am truly contented and thankful to Allah Almighty that He has showered his blessings upon me. And Brother its really very nice to know that you have found a job. Best wishes for you for more glaring successes and a better and promising future. Dear Brother, I believe that hose who , instead of finding fault with , rejoice the success and happiness of others, Allah Almighty rewards them with even greater successes and happiness.
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