labour officer paper held in 14-01-2018

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labour officer paper held in 14-01-2018

Post by RajaFakhar » Tue Jan 16, 2018 2:31 pm

1. Etymology is the science of Words
2. Jinnah of Pakistan is written by Stanley woolpert
3. Algea is the major source of oxygen on the earth
4. Who got maximum no. of votes during 2016 US presidential elections Heliry Clinton
5. Decibel is unit for Sound
6. The artery on the left ventricle of heart is Arota
7. Who was Tuti hind Ameer Khusro
8. Old name of sakhar berrage Lloyd barrage
9. Antonym of virtue Vice
10. Oldest newspaper of Pakistan among Nation, The News, Dawn Dawn
11. Khilafat Movement ended in: 1924
12. Cave Squeaker found in: Zimbabwe
13. Interpol HQ: Lyon, France
14. Cheif Selector: Inzimamul Haq
15. Eye donation part: Cornea
16. Nile runs through: Cairo
17. Olympics in Africa to date: 0
18. Malala Yousufzai: UN messenger of Peace
19. Sharmeen's second Oscar on: A Girl in the River
20. Cricket bats made of: Willow
21. Badshahi Mosque built by: Aurangzeb
22. First census in Pak: 1951
23. PM elected by: National Assembly
24. Satpara Lake in: Skardu
25. Gestapo Secret Police: Germany
26. Blind WC win Pakistan: 2
27. Baseball ground called: Diamond
28. Watergate Scandal: Richard Nixon
29. First Satellite by USA: Discovery
30. Election under 1973 constitution: 1977
31. Bradlaugh Hall: Lahore
32. LINUX is: Operating System
33. Google founders: Larry & Sergey
34. Brojen Das: first Asian to swim across the English Channel
35. Modem: Digital signals
36. Closes to Sun: Mercury
37. PNG: Related to Image
38. Hyperlink: A link new/different document
39. Printer: Dots Per Inch (All of these)
40. State to join Pakistan first: Bahawalpur
41. Q.A Solar park: Bahawalpur
42. Largest district in Punjab by area: Bahawalpur
43. First Nuclear P-Plant: Karachi
44. 44: Mouse: Input device
45. A friend in need is a friend: Indeed
46. 46: Suffering: from
47. 47: Happy: On their coming
48. Helsinki: Finland's capital
49. Lord Mountbatten preceded by: Lord Wavel
50. Hazrat Amina (R.A) buried in: Al-Abwah
51. Battle of Bad'r fought in: Ramadan
52. 53: Islamic Year: 1439
53. 7th month of Islamic Calender: Rajab
54. 1st Chief Justice of Pakistan: Abdul Rashid
55. Iqbal's first poetic book: Bang-e-Dara
56. Hujjat-al-wida given in: 632 AD
57. Hayat-eJaved: Sir Sayyad Ahmad Khan
58. Alally Ta'lally: Aish Karna
59. Antonym of 'Haq': Batil
60. Agar Main Karachi Gya tou... .
61. Black & White meas: In written form
62. Last king of Afghanistan Zahir Shah
63. In which year durand line was drawn 1893
64. Pakistan recognized Bangladesh on Feb 1974
65. Treaty of Versailles in World War 1
66. 2a-2=20, 11
67. 35/36 one answer was after evaluation
68. 2 comes from 12% of the amount of 450
69. Comrade Newspaper by M. M Ali Johar
70. Which act adopted by the Pakistan for its first constitution 1935 (i make wrong)
71. If(7^a)(7^b)=(7^c)(7^d), what is value of d in terms of a,b,c (a+b-c)
72. IF shopkeeper sold an item for 220 on the rate of 10% profit. what is its original price (200)
73. complete series 15,30,22,44, (don't remember exactly)
74. meaning of ہم صفیر
75. یہ شعر کس کا ہے
76. غم تو اور ہیں زمانے میں محبت کے سوا
77. راحتیں اور بھی ہیں وصل کی راحت کے سوا
78. (فیص احمد ٖفیض)
79. -First Woman PM is from which country? Sri Lanka
80. How many Times Mother of Prophet Ismaeel ran between saffa and Marwa? 7
81. Mother of Prophet (PBUH) is buried in which city?
82. Base ball is played in? --Ring --Rink--Diamond--4th fogotten
83. He is suffering ------- cancer?
84. Synonym of Vibrant
85. Synonym of Industrious
86. which sourah of Quran on the name of insect. Sorah Naml
87. -SHO is abbreviation of?
88. Alay talalay krna" meaning ?
89. "tignee ka naach nachana" means? Preshan kerna
90. "Madamme" museum is in? Ornithology is study of?.
91. - Abdullah takes 2 hours more to cover a distance of 30km than basit. If Abdullah double his speed he will cover the same distance 1 hour before Basit. What is the speed of of Abdullah in km/h?? 15km/h

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Re: labour officer paper held in 14-01-2018

Post by RajaFakhar » Tue Jan 16, 2018 2:34 pm

please share more question of labour officer paper held in 14-01-2018 ...
it is further added that corrections will be highly appreciated...

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