Ismaeli Community Bus Attack

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Ismaeli Community Bus Attack

Post by nasirhussain » Wed May 13, 2015 3:48 pm

In the very first preliminary investigation stage, it came under the authoritative knowledge that terrorists want to keep the government consideration away from economic corridor meeting which was going to held in prime minister house under the leadership of all political heads of Pakistan. All political parties were invited there to discuss each aspects of economic corridor. Pak-China strong ties are under stake. All terrorists facilitators are also involved to keep dis-track of government agenda towards socio-economic hub. They all will be barred soon. State & its departments will make each effort to implement its agenda either come what may.
Politicians and forces & people of Pakistan are united. We all are on one page. War against terrorists is crucial.
"Pak Army! Lead the nation." We are with you, Keep it up.
Muhammad is one of the Greatest Law Givers of the World.
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Re: Ismaeli Community Bus Attack

Post by amjadiqbal » Fri May 15, 2015 7:18 pm

Tears always come for innocents wherever they die.
Whether they are killed by KSA in Yemen,Philistinian by Israel,Innocents Christians by ISIS or anyone anywhere,tears always come.
Man has lost the Humanism.Now the modern man has made divisions of black&white,rich&poor,muslim&non muslim and much more,i don't want to mention.
Pure hearts always feel pain of losses,always feel deepest for the lost humans but Luther was also slained then Ken Sero.
How many people were lost ,uncountable.
For what? Just to rise the selfish ego.Disgusting.
This world should be saved,to let it be for living.
Its not worthy to be lived,nourish it with beauty of hearts.
Pakistan,What?Pakistan.Yes the rest of story you understand.
Take a while,leave the rush for Nokri & Chokri,sit in a corner and give only 5 minutes and think,
What we are?Miserable Creepy Sick Viruses Or anything else?

Mr Nasir,this country needs a Pure & Genuine Martial Law.People are fed up from Party Politics and useless constitution.Every thing is useless.
If anyone is fair with the boundary of nation,with ego of nation is a Soldier,no one else.Niether me,Nor anyone else.That's it
But this forum is for JOBS,Find & Serve.
Everyone cries ,when his/her own family member will not be anymore in result of any bad happening and the rest of other's will have no concerns exactly as in the case,untill then carry on for Searching Job and i personally wish you very best of luck.
Pakistani Youth needs nothing,except Job.Feed them and in return they are ready to do any favour to any master.
Disgusting too!

All the people rushing by,
Looking for the meanings of this life!

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