Assistant director investigation test 22-8-15

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Assistant director investigation test 22-8-15

Post by umairaslam652 » Tue Sep 08, 2015 7:12 am

Assistant Director investigation anti corruption
paper held on 5 -9-15

Who invented polio vaccine? Jonas Salk
Who discovered blood circulation in human body? William Harvey
What's the best conductor of electricity? Silver
Food digestion takes place in ---Stomach
Doab between River Ravi and Beas? Bari Doab
Warsak dam is built on river ---Kabul River
Pakistan institute of nuclear science and technology is located at ----Nilore
Ghazi Barotha lies in which province? Punjab
"Middle East" term is used for countries situated in ---West Asia
Football(Soccer) was originated from---China
Martin Luther King was a --- Black US Civil Rights Activist
Speed of sound is greatest in---solids
India occupied a few parts of Siachen in year...1984
What incident formed the basis of the formation of OIC? ...Israeli occupation of Arab areas
Zero was invented by...
Noble Prize is awarded by country...Sweden
First south Asian to receive nobel prize...Tagore
What's the oldest regional language in Pakistan? Sindhi
Salt range lies on the west bank of river ----Jhelum
Mast tawakli was the poet of ...Balochi language
Who had command over seven languages..Sachal Sarmast
Nearest planet to earth is..Venus
Earth rotates from..West to East
Which vitamin can be stored in liver..Vitamin A
Balochistan is separated from Punjab by a mountain range named...Koh e Sulaiman
Sui lies in which division...Sibi division
Ziarat has trees---Juniper
Panjpir hills are part of which mountain range?
Area known for Sheesham timber in Pakistan is----
Chaghi is in district--Quetta
River chenab and Jhelum meet at---
K-2 is located in --- Karakorum Range
Shandur pass connects..Gilgit and Chitral
Pakistan joined NAM at--Havana
Pakistan's foreign policy during 1971-1976 has been...
Sindh basin treaty ---1960
Economics was included as category in NobelPrize--1969
Zakat was made obligatory in--2 AH
Most number of Ahadith narrated by --Hazrat Abu Hurairah
Meaning of word Hajj--to intent
Treaty of Hudaybiyyah ---6 AH
Conqueror of Egypt..
Areas that are rich in gypsum...
Oil was first discovered in ----
Pakistan is a member of ---D-8
Capital of Gandhara civilization--Taxila
Black stroke is used in --- Swimming
Which sport was included in 1988 olympics after a gap of 64 years--
First modern olympics were held in --- Athens

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