Share your F.I.A interview here

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Share your F.I.A interview here

Post by haiderrajput » Tue Sep 16, 2014 7:09 pm

@Tayyabi & @Aadee and all others share your F.I.A interview here . thanks
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Re: Share your F.I.A interview here

Post by Tayyabi » Fri Sep 19, 2014 1:23 pm

haiderrajput wrote:@Tayyabi & @Aadee and all others share your F.I.A interview here . thanks

There was a tough but happy mood interview
first of all , he asked me about my qualification
he asked me in what subjects did B.A
History and Journalism, me told
oh history, great, it means you have a command in history, they said
Indo pak
3 questions on history , 2 of these i replied
then topic change , toward islamic queries
asked me about the name of Wives of Holy Prophet s.a.w.w
i replied correctly
then math, which base on 2 questions, 1 was right and for 2nd i had to say sorry
next computer questions, one was right and for 2nd again say sorry
then my city chiniot questions started, this session of interview took 5 minutes , in this rabwa, chiniot , muslims and qadianis in rabwa, Arrival of Christ a.s , Arrival of Imam Mehdi a.s were discussed,
after this flood session discussed with full detail , took 4 minutes , inquired me about the precautions of flood, Dams , were discussed

One thing should be clear that during this whole interview , there was lot of happy and joke like arguments/debate , occurred, took round about 3 minutes

the end

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