plz share all papers of tehsildar

Compulsory and Optional Past paper of PMS.
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Re: plz share all papers of tehsildar

Post by Sabir Basheer » Tue Jan 01, 2013 1:20 pm

The oldest democracy is Greek.The oldest monarchy is of Japan.The lagest importer of arms is currently India and China has become second. The Prophet (P.B.U.H.) liked to travel on Thursday..

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Re: plz share all papers of tehsildar

Post by zahidgondal » Wed Jan 02, 2013 11:01 am

sheri4u51 wrote:Zahid...there are some mistakes in your ans...kindly review those....the politics is writen by AristotelOldest democrarcy is ChinaFounder of Scout Movement is Robert Baden-PowelPakistan became the member of UN Security Councel on 01-01-12 for the 7th time.Kerb is footpath near road (chabotrey k gird ubhri hui jaga)Highest per capita income of country in saarc... Bangladeshhighest literate country in Saarc is Sri LankaSecond largest weapon exporter is RussiaMuhammad Ali Joher helped Jinnah to formulate 14 pointsIndian indepedence act was approved by British Parliment on 18 July 1947First Ghazwa.... AbwaSwadeshi moment started after the partion of Bengal.Liaqat Ali joined Mus. Leg in 1923Fatima Jinnah joined Muslim League in 1939 or 40 not confirmed.Founder of Congress is A.O. HumeMuhammad Ali Joher convinced Jinnah to join Mus. LegComrade was started from CalcutaKawnpur Mosque Incident occur in 1913Muslims celebrated Day of Deliverance (Yom e Rast Iqdam) on 22 Dec 1949Third party in Indus Treaty was World Bank.Suez canal connects Medetirian & Red sea.Shandur Pass conects Chitral and Gilgit.Noble Peace Prize to E.Union was awarded at cermany in Oslo. Ariana airline of Afghanistan.Itar Tas news agency of Russia.Largest Oil Producing Country is Saudi Arabia.Oldest Monarchy is Nepal.Oh China was written by Henery Kissinger.Biggest importer of Weapons. China.Disease most casuality occured. AIDS.August Offer was made by Lord Laninthgow on 8 aug 1940Tawaf e Qudum... Kissing Hajre Aswad at the time of Arrival (and Haj ki Niyyat karna)significance of 21st annual session of Muslim League, Allaabad Address.Who seconded Lahore Resolution in Sindh... SiR Abdullah Haroon. (molana Zafar Ali in Punajb, Ch. Khaliq uz Zaman in Bengal, Sardar Aurangzaib Khan in NWFP and Qazi Esa in Balochistan)Quit India Moment... August 1942Gandhi Irwin Pact.... Discontinution of Civil Disobedience.Inventor of Digital Computer... John Vincent Atanasoft... First digital computer ABC...Pedagogy.... Science of Education...Warsak Dam on..... KabulSecratry of state in Cabnet Mission 1946... Lord Pethick Lawrence...
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Re: plz share all papers of tehsildar

Post by HADAYAT » Thu Jan 03, 2013 7:53 am

PUNJAB PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSIONWRITTEN EXAMINATION FOR RECRUITMENT TO THE POSTS OFTEHSILDARS (BS-16) IN BOARD OF REVENUE PUNJAB-2012SUBJECT: Revenue Law MCQs PaperDated:29-12-2012TIME ALLOWED--TWO HOURS MAXIMUM MARKS--100 Note. Total Questions were 100,,,these are recalled questionswhich one is not an irrigated land?what is survey number?when land revenue act enforced?defination of jagirdar, tenancy, land, improvement,assessmentrevenu law mae section 5 6 kis bary hye?sectoion 64, 63, 67 kic ky mutaliq hye?civil court jo jurmana lgaye gy kaha jama karana hu ga?1967 land revenue kic revenue act cy lya gya?revenu board computer system entry function kic ky tahit kam karta hy?agar koy zameen cy mineral mtlb qudarity zarey nikal aye tu kic ka haq hy?non muslim mar jaey tu haq zameen kic ko milay ga?bewafa mar jaye tu kic ko mily ga?revenue officers ki promotion kaun karta hy?tenant kaun hy?tenancy kaun dy ga?tenant ko kb fargh kar sakty ho?tenant kaha darkhast dy sakta hy for assesment correcton?kaun ca idara revenue boord ko correct kar sakta hy?1967 revenu ky tahit land ka matlb kia hy?roznamy ki copy patwari kic ko bhjay ga?roznamcha kitny roz mae review huna chahye?kia Revenu officer khud lilami wali zamee ly sakta hy ?boundry mark ka nam kia hy dosra?agar tenant aor land lord mae masla hu tu revenue officer kia karay ga?law ky tahet tenant ko kab chutti dy ja sakty hy?Tenant kab wohy pay kary ga jo uc ny law mae accept kia tha?30 days aplliction tim to collecter? 90 days to board ?duno kic sectoin ky tahet hyecopmpansation matter ?aor reward matter kic section mae hyeagar collector dubara paicy lago karta hy observation k bad tu kic cy ijazt ly ga ya samny rakhay ga?collecter kitny saza dy ga defaltur ko?defalter kaun kaicy hu ga?
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