Lecturer Political Science Paper

Compulsory and Optional Past paper of PMS.
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Lecturer Political Science Paper

Post by Jazi » Mon Jun 08, 2015 10:38 am

71.according aristotle,perverted form of Govt?
72.ibne khaldum known as
73.bok"reconstruction of religous thougth is islam"by
65.conferation means
66.indus basin treaty
67.shimla agreement held in
68.pak becm membr of uno
69.pak becm member of nam
70.iqbal did M.A. in philopsophy in54.minto-morley reform in
55.ist movement in india.
56.acording to wich constitution islam as stat religön
57.total articl 1956 constitution
58.USSR dissolvd on
59.communit manifest writen by
60.bok"the myth of independnc" by
61.wolpart stanely bok,s name on quid?
62.total judges in Icj
63.politcis writen by
64.crips misiön held in51.nafta is association of
52.1st world war start in
53.uk consist of (sctland,wales,irland)
Bhai, kch point confusing hen,unhe phr bej don ga.41.total amendment in USA constitution
42.age for usa senate
43.ibrahm lincn known for
44.local govt in uk,smalest unit known as
45.pak senat hav member
46.german attck on poland due to
47.retiring age Cj of pak
48."right honourabl" is relatd to
49. Lengthiest constitution of world
50.french revolution in31.usa presidnt electorl college
32.balochstan becom provice
33.one unit establishd in
34.objectiv resulton in
35.Al-farabi,s bok
36.2nd pm of pak
37.magna carta in
38.MAO colleg in
39.Slogan raisd "no taxation without representation"
40.treaty of pheldalphia sign in.21.who said"i m the state
22.to agree on 1 point of ulema
23.judicial review is?
24.polity is relatd to era
25.papulation for stat acording to plato
26.quaid join muslim leag in
27.urdu-hindi controversy in
28.princely states in sub continent at british rule
29.france ,s form of Govt
30.qurum for hous of lord11.human rigth declaration adoptd by UNO in?
12.1st world war start in
13.2nd world war end in
14.indian indpnce Act pasd by british parliament
15.keemya-e-sadat writen by
16. Iron lady is calld
motherland of americn presidnt
18.social contract theory by
19. Social contrctual is calld
20.levithan theory by?

1.separation of powr theory by?

2.natural rigth theory preserv the rights of
3.by which treaty ban on pak impose by usa in 1990
4.plato died
5.group mind theory by
6.glassnotes means
7.saarc Hq
8. Saarc members
9.not oficial language of uno(german)
10.not permanent membr of uno(germany

These questions are courtesy of Mr.Sajjad
Rao Jazib Saeed
Housing, Urban Development and Public Health Engineering Department Govt. of Punjab

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Re: Lecturer Political Science Paper

Post by syedgul » Mon Jun 08, 2015 1:25 pm

any one have any idea abt the merit of pak.studies nd pol.science written test plzzz share it.

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