Seedless Kino in Pakistan

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Seedless Kino in Pakistan

Post by nasirhussain » Sat Mar 10, 2012 7:28 pm

The production and export of seedless ‘kinos’ (mandarin) is likely to begin from next year, as agricultural scientists have been focusing on multiple cultivation of such varieties.“Seedless varieties of mandarin have been developed at the Nuclear Institute for Agriculture & Biology (NIAB) and Citrus Research Institute (CRI), Sargodha,” Agricultural Scientist at National Agriculture Research Centre (NARC) Hafeez-ur-Rehman told APP.In addition, he said the breeding for seedless ‘kinos’ was also done at University of Agriculture, Faisalabad and NARC. Work on developing mandarin hybrid was started in 1999, he said adding that crosses were made between ‘kino’ and Salustiana for early maturity, less number of seeds and lower acid contents as compared to ‘kino’. The process after going through various developments and modifications ultimately culminated in producing a seedless mandarin type.He said these seedless mandarin varieties are being multiplied for further distribution among the farmers and expressed the hope that production would start from 2011. He said with the production of seedless ‘kino’ varieties, the country’s exports would be multiplied and it would attract the European markets.“Once the seedless variety starts bringing fruits, it will help generate precious and much needed foreign exchange for the country, as it will attract the attention of western markets where people otherwise don’t prefer ‘kinos’ due to seeds,” Hafiz said. He said at present, the ‘kino’ exports of the country are mainly consumed by Pakistani immigrants living abroad and the seedless variety would make it famous among the locals there also.‘Kino’ is a major export item among citrus types, however, its export share in the world market is as low as 1.4 per cent. “The share of Pakistani citrus in the world market is just 1.4 per cent, about $33 million, and out of that, $32 million is the share of ‘kino’, meaning that other citrus exports earn only $1 million for Pakistan,” said Dr Hafiz-ur-Rehman.On the other hand, the share of citrus in the total exports of fruit and vegetable is about 19.5 per cent and its share in the country’s total exports is about 0.26 per cent.Russia, Iran, Ukraine, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Philippine, Indonesia, United Kingdom, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Norway and Greece are the largest export markets for Pakistani ‘kino’.
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