Essay Pakistan’s foreign policy

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Essay Pakistan’s foreign policy

Post by farasat_ali » Sat Aug 06, 2011 11:23 am

Pakistan’s foreign policy IntroductionImportance of Pakistan in international world.Basics of Pakistan’s foreign policy Quaid’s viewDifferent phases of Pakistan’s foreign policy explorations and friendship with all alignment with the west transition bilateralism and non alignment Afghanistan and partnership with US. post-cold war era and Pakistan’s Dilemmas. Pakistan and Counter Terrorism. to date concentration on sovereignty of Pakistan. Conclusion.Being a Pakistani citizen, I can purchase Japanese technology, US arms, Indian spices, Chinese products and even everything of the world can be enjoyed while living here. Availability of international products here tells that our country is in such a good relations with others that they are exchanging goods with us. i was thinking that to bring these articles in the market, our government had to maintain trade relation and agreements with other countries. To maintain such a relations with other countries are called as foreign policy.Now a days we have access to international markets while living here. We have become need of the other countries through our valuable exports. Our students go for foreign scholarships and we are teaching scholars of other foreign countries. We help others and are helped by others in the time of need. Beyond all we are now in a position to refuse the offers made by a super power country’s intelligence Chief and are able to talk about our sovereignty. All these are the efforts and products of our foreign policy. But this stage of maturity has not been achieved instantly or from the date of independence. Rather than that a number of phases, ups and downs, endurances of external and internal pressure and tortuous 64 years have brought this position. When we are the most important non-Nato ally and are playing a vital role in the international effort to combat terrorism. There is no doubt that Pakistn is situated in a very important geographic location. The most important trade route of Arabian Sea is on the mouth of this country. Bordering with China, India, Iran and Afghanistan, Pakistan cannot be ignored when game of any strategy is in the court of Asia. From beginning of Pakistan as an independent state, it adopted a friendly policy towards its relation with all countries of the world. Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah the founder of this Islamic Republic, set a base for further building of its foreign policy as:- “Our foreign policy is one of friendliness and goodwill towards the nations of the world. We do not cherish aggressive designs against any country or nation. We believe in the principle of honesty and fairplay in national and international dealings and are prepared to make our utmost contribution to the promotion of peace and prosperity among the nations of the world. Pakistan will never be found lacking in extending its material and moral support to the oppressed and suppressed peoples of the world, and in upholding the principles of the United Nations Charter.” Pakistan’s foreign policy evolves around this principle set by its founder. There are some constant basics of our policy which may be defined as follows:To secure our independence and sovereignty Goodwill towards the nations of the worldPromotion of peaceSupport to oppressed & suppressedTo follow the principles of the United Nations CharterTo promote education and strengthen internal situation and country’s economyGlobal recognition of our culture and interaction with other culturesInteraction of our people with other nations to create a global atmosphere of harmonyUnity of Muslim WorldIn view of above mentioned basics, we have framed our policies and set our relations with global world. But we have set our goals sometimes according to the situations and needs of time.In the first six years of our independence, being a newborn we adopted to explore the relations with other countries. We tried to maintain our ties with all nations of the world. But the situations of the times and problems raised during partition caused many problems. The image maintained by India globally against Pakistan was the new state will soon be annexed back with India because of lack of resources and maturity. Therefore most of the countries looked at us more critically and hesitated to forward their hands to shake with us. Afghanistan claimed NWFP (now KPK) and Baluchistan as its parts and these should be annexed with it. The irredentist claim of Afghanistan was endorsed by India and the same was supported by Russia. This caused a prominent pressure on this newborn weak state which was maintaining itself from the solutions of internal problems. Despite that, during this era of pressures and critical eyes regarding the decision of fate regarding the future of this state, Pakistan did not step back from the sayings of Quaid regarding goodwill and friendship for all policy. Pakistan tried its best to unite the Muslims world through its foreign policy and tried to maintain friendship with all. But the cold shoulders shown by international Muslim leaders disappointed Pakistan’s effort.After joining United Nations on 30th of September, 1947, Pakistan truly followed its charter and always stepped according to it. But the countries creating pressure on Pakistan caused many problems in its peace and it was brought in war on the issue of Kashmir. Such kind of threats, lead Pakistan to seek support of a super power for its safety and integrity. Therefore in 1951, Prime Minister of Pakistan, Khan Liaqat Ali Khan visited U.S. after ignoring the Soviet invitation. The visit brought a major change in its foreign policy and for the benefits, security and shelter of the country we entered in a phase of alignment with west. This step created a negative view of Russia for Pakistan and America needed a player in the region for its cold war against Russia, so the benefits in return to the benefits made the relation of Pakistan with U.S.A.During this period (1953-1961) Pakistan sought strategic, military, technical and financial support from USA. New and modern military equipments were provided to Pakistan. Pakistan was facing shortage of wheat after drought like situation. SO USA helped us with the provision of wheat which was a gesture of goodwill for Pakistan and it was warmly welcomed by our leaders and our people. After that and even up till now the foreign strategy and policy of Pakistan regarding achievements of its goals, remained the reaction to American foreign policy towards Pakistan. During this period, Pakistan joined two international organizations SEATO and CENTO but the objectives of both of the said organizations were solely against the communists.This alignment with west also cost Pakistan as this step of Pakistan caused a distance in relation of Pakistan with India, as well as its relation with Russia. Pakistan also lost grounds for its relations with developing countries. During this phase Pakistan entered in defence pacts with America, which caused lost of its membership from Non-Alligned movement. Pakistan policy makers began a review of their alignment with the US. Pakistan entered in transition phase from 1962-71. During this period Kennedy administration, installed in January 1961 in America, cultivated India and projected it as a counterweight to China. In July 1961, President Ayub Khan, on a visit to the USA, cautioned his hosts against the changes in their policy. Despite Ayub Khan’s pleadings, the US continued with its policy of cultivating India in total disregard to Pakistan’s concern.Therefore Pakistan started making relations with Russia and China. During this phase the relations of Pakistan with developing countries and Muslim world improved. China and Russia here dealt Pakistan with equal importance as of to India. And had the view of solution of Indo-Pak problems may be taken from peaceful talks. USA was angry on this step of Pakistan. But China remained neutral in the East Pakistan war of 1971, and insisted both of the countries to solve the matter on table. That’s why Pakistan shifted towards independent approach regarding international relations and it was for very first time that Pakistan took a desperate step of independent foreign policy and withdrew its membership from SEATO and CENTO in 1972.During this period of transition (1972-1979), Pakistan’s policy drew it away from powers and in response of Indian nuclear technology, Pakistan also started to attain nuclear power plant from France. USA became a very big hurdle in this process and became successful in stopping France in providing the nuclear technology to Pakistan. Many sanctioned were enacted against Pakistan but it continued on its working and endured all the international pressure successfully.Soon the time again supported Pakistan when Russia attacked on Afghanistan and the interests of USA again shifted towards this region. From 1980 to 1990, USA supported and used Pakistan for proxy war in Afghanistan against Russia. During this period new weapons, technical military support, economical support and military vehicles were provided to this country.During this period the importance of Pakistan became vital and was also recognized by others as well. That’s why the relation of Pakistan with India became progressive. During these days, Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi visited Pakistan twice, which resulted in considerable improvement in the relation but the goodwill generated by these visits did not last long……………………
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