My Words Published today in English Newspaper, Pakistan Observer.

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My Words Published today in English Newspaper, Pakistan Observer.

Post by Tasawar Bosal » Mon Sep 14, 2015 2:10 pm

Tassawur Bosal
Monday, September 14, 2015 -

Jeremy Corbyn has been elected as the new leader of the Great Britain's Labour Party. By electing a Man having leftist leanings and inclinations towards socialist ideas , Labours seem resolved to taking their party back to its Original, a path which was abandoned by Tony Blair . The Labour 'Jyalaz' always termed it a betrayal and didn't buy what Blair tried to sell with the label of pragmatism and demand of Real-politik . However, how much the socialist leanings are still relevant and to what extent Jeremy remains successful in reinvigorating a demoralized political party having lost two consecutive general elections to rival Conservatives is yet to be seen. But still an underdog's getting elevated to the crown of Labour Party's leadership, sends sensations in the spines of those who take an interest in British Politics.

Despite being a liberal at home, after having seen Liberal Democrat's having lost all their relevance and having been disillusioned by Blair's Labour party , I have developed a strong liking for Cameron's Conservative Party. However, it is wished ardently that Jeremy reinvigorate a new soul in Labour Party as it is vital for a United ' Great Britain'. Traditionally, more then conservatives , the Labours have roots in Scotland and a revitalized and stronger Labour party by reclaiming her lost clout and by reinvigorating her wider appeal may prevail upon the Scottish people and can help avert the possible departure of Scotland from the federation and England remains ' United Kingdom'
Mandi Bahauddin
Assistant Director Anti-Corruption Sargodha

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